NKT Cable Repair Guarantee

NKT GmbH & Co. KG - Becoming market leader through innovation
The Case

Over a period of more than a century, NKT has become the leader in cable technology. With its own repair ship, the NKT Victoria, and decades of experience in operating third-party vessels, NKT has been able to prevail over its competitors.

With the additional development of the “Cable Handling System”, with which the NKT can convert many ships into a cable repair ship in just a few days, the role as market leader was once again underlined. With the development of the Cable Handling System, it can now be guaranteed that ships are ready to be deployed on the water within 10 days. This not only guarantees a smooth and fast process, but also saves NKT’s customers from the enormous costs of cable repairs by allowing them to be quickly mobilized.

In addition, there are many subtleties that the viewer only perceives unconsciously.

This technical innovation was the reason for the cooperation between NKT and FILMFLUT. The new system was to be presented both in a trustworthy and professional manner. It was also important to ensure that the film had the same validity internationally so that it would not lose any of its international significance. The team in charge developed a highly emotional, professional and individual concept that we were able to present to NKT within a few days.

Impressive drone shots, emotional pictures of the NKT personnel and a simple and short explanation of the Cable Handling System resulted in exciting and impressive pictures, which were rounded off by a calm and confident speaker in informal English.

In addition, there are many subtleties that the viewer only perceives unconsciously – but which ensure that the viewer*is in the direct line of action and thus actively participates in the film. This professionalism was continued by our Head of Postproduction Vincent Wenig. We were able to stage the recorded moments in perfect harmony and thus present our customers with a balanced and appealing overall picture.

By accepting NKT’s wishes and ideas, impeccable and fast customer service, and an enormously high level of quality and professionalism throughout the entire production, we were able to convince the market leader in cable technology of our quality with an individual and trustworthy film. In addition, our film enabled NKT to showcase its innovative strength to investors, international partnerships and employees. FILMFLUT has become a highly reliable and professional partner for NKT, always recognizing the needs of the customer and being able to deliver the best results through its many years of experience.