Kunsthalle Bremen - Tradition & new perspectives.

REMIX 2020. See the collection anew.

The Case

Bold wall colours, an elaborate installation and a completely new arrangement of the works offer surprising new aesthetic experiences.

The Kunstverein Bremen can look back on a history of over 200 years. About 160 years ago, the Bremer Kunsthalle was built not far from the Bremen market place, the heart of Bremen. It is one of the most important and beautiful museums in Europe. In the Kunsthalle visitors will find countless works of art from eight centuries of human history.

Through an active programme of exhibitions and events, the Kunsthalle Bremen seeks to bring together past, present, Bremen and the world in a dialogue. Under the title “Remix 2020 – Seeing the Collection anew”, the in-house exhibition will be presented in a fundamentally new way for the first time in almost a decade.

To the Kunsthalle Bremen To the Kunsthalle Bremen

“ReMix” – Tradition and new perspectives

The Kunsthalle Bremen tries to offer visitors a surprisingly new aesthetic experience, above all through bold wall colours and elaborate installations. In addition, there are many works that visitors have not seen for decades. This great event was the reason for the cooperation between the Kunsthalle Bremen and FILMFLUT. In order to give the “new” in-house exhibition the appearance and attention it ultimately deserves, the Kunsthalle Bremen decided to approach us and work out a concept together to honour the in-house exhibition.

The fast procedure could only be achieved through our excellent customer service and our short and fast communication channels. The actual production took two days. It was extremely important to the Kunsthalle Bremen and FILMFLUT that the people who worked on the exhibition and the actual works of art were presented on an equal footing in a film.

The interviews were filmed inside the breathtaking and beautiful Kunsthalle Bremen. The most important thing is to give the interviewees a pleasant, joyful and trusting feeling in order to guarantee an authentic interview. On the second day the beautiful close-ups of the individual works of art were filmed. By playing with light, colour, fog and the beautiful location of the Kunsthalle Bremen, breathtaking and individual pictures were created, which really represent each individual work of art in its own unique way.

The company FILMFLUT also interprets itself in terms of the “Remix” in-house exhibition of the Kunsthalle Bremen. The mix between the craftsmanship, the know-how of each individual employee, but also the breaking up of long-established entrepreneurial orders and the trust in the digitalisation of the FILMFLUT company leads to a mix of the “old” entrepreneurship and the modern “start-ups”. Perhaps this is also an indicator that the Kunsthalle Bremen approached us and that we were allowed to film the “new” “old” exhibition.

The Kunsthalle Bremen is completely satisfied. Both with the professional and flexible process, the young or modern identity of the entire team and the finished product. We are very much looking forward to further projects with the Kunsthalle Bremen and furthermore to a future partnership. B2B, art, culture, PR and much more under one roof can only be found here at FILMFLUT.